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Solihull Community Housing

Solihull Community Housing

Solihull Community Housing, setting the benchmark for Customer Service

Solihull Community Housing (SCH) was established as an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) in 2004 by Solihull Council to look after their properties. Awarded a three-star rating by the Audit Commission, SCH are recognised as leaders in their field.

The Challenge

SCH is focused on continually improving their customer service. They wanted to offer a single point of contact for all customer enquiries. This meant they needed a single customer service team and a single source of all customer contact information, to be able manage enquiries quickly and accurately, first time.

The Solution

Keyfax was chosen and implemented, enabling advisors to manage all enquiries efficiently but also, be able to quickly identify and accurately log repairs.

As a result, advisors can now view the full history of every contact, jobs can be raised with the right priority, all the required information can be collected at the first point of contact, the right contractor allocated, whilst retaining job status visibility, ensuring both quality and consistency of service.  Keyfax not only guides the advisor in managing the enquiry but also classifies why the tenant has called and records the outcome. This also enables advisors to allocate certain tenant enquiries to specialist colleagues.

Gaining this level of customer insight helps in two ways. Firstly, by understanding why customers get in touch, identifies which contacts could be avoided or reduced via proactive communications or promotion of self-service options. Secondly, understanding those enquiries which are unresolved on first contact, encourages continuous transformation to improve customer service.

The Results

The customer services team at SCH handles over 189,000 calls each year, as well as 50,000 visits into their three area housing offices. By using Keyfax, they are able to deal with over 80% of enquiries at the first point of contact.

Customers are provided with a true single point of contact and service; SCH has established a greater understanding and relationship with their customers; and advisors are happy working at SCH, demonstrated by their exceptionally low attrition rate.

What our client said about Omfax

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Keyfax enables us to deliver on both efficiency and effectiveness. We have been able to expand the hours customers can contact us. We have also significantly increased the services we offer and improved our efficiency and effectiveness. And what is more, we have achieved all of this without additional staffing resources. That’s a Win Win.

Lourdes Sharpe, Head of Customer Services at SCH

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