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Schedule of Rates codes for Diagnostic Repairs software

Mar 1 2022

Most housing repairs diagnostics tools use Schedule of Rates (SOR) codes. It’s a standard way to explain exactly what repair work is required. But what’s the best way to use SOR codes and how should they be set up in a diagnostic tool set? Paul Ancill has some best practice tips.

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Top ten housing management systems UK

The Top Ten Housing Management Systems in the UK

Nov 19 2021

Everyone has their own opinion, but here's our top ten list of Housing Management Systems for the social housing sector. This list is compiled from our customers experiences and the HMS integration options with Keyfax.

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Keyfax with QL – What’s Happenin’?

Jun 18 2021

A quick look at what you can look forward to you if you're moving to the latest versions of QL and Keyfax.

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Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics Version 4.3 is here!

Jun 8 2021

The latest version of Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics is ready for customer installation. Take a look at the new design and the new 4.3 features.

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