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Turbo-charging diagnostic scripts with Intelligent Scripting

Sep 28 2021

The Admin scripters have finished their diagnostic scripting workshops and have tailored the system to your needs. And now, Keyfax is providing quick and accurate solutions when your tenants call. But, if you really want to shift Keyfax up a gear, then you need to do one more thing: Connect the diagnostic scripts to the data you hold on your tenants, properties and assets.

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Best Practice Approach to Diagnostic Scripting – and three Top Tips

Aug 31 2021

A productive contact centre delivering fantastic service is the goal of every centre manager. In our experience, a well written script will help a customer contact centre do both. Here are three top tips to achieve this

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Positive Feedback

Jun 15 2021

We live in a time that is obsessed and driven by feedback. Millions of micro interactions are taking place around the globe every second. Whether you ‘like’ a Facebook post; comment on a YouTube video or write a Google review, your interactions are shaping the world around us.

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Making your mark with markers!

Mar 24 2021

How can Keyfax help you manage your contact centre KPIs? With markers. Learn why you should be using markers in your Keyfax scripts and how to do so.

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Top 5 tips on being more productive & 15 intelligent scripting tips!

Mar 9 2021

Over the past year there have been huge changes to how we work. These top tips will help you to adapt to the new working environment that Covid-19 has brought about.

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Updating MIS ActiveH whilst running an Enquiries diagnostic

Aug 24 2020

Learn how to use Asynchronous Pluggable Protocols and how they work with ActiveH to give you access to your social housing tenant’s information, while you diagnose their issue in Keyfax.

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Customer Service Centre KPIs, do they work for you?

Jul 28 2020

Which Key Performance Indicators should you be using in your Contact Centre to give your social housing tenants the best service possible? Discover the various options available.

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What the Heck is happening on the Tenant Self-service Portal?

Jul 1 2020

With customer contact being shifted to online channels, how can social housing landlords understand how their tenants are using their self-service portals? Google Analytics will help.

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Why on Earth do we Need a Repairs Diagnostics Test System?

Jun 22 2020

Is Keyfax at your organisation only running in a live environment? What are you missing out on? Here are the benefits that will be available if you install a Keyfax test environment.

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