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Update your Tenant Repairs Portal with Keyfax Repairs Online v4.3

Sep 14 2021

If you are considering offering your customers an on-brand, pictorial tenant repairs portal, then Keyfax Repairs Online fits the bill.

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Translation and Improved Accessibility for your Tenant Portal

Sep 7 2021

Can Keyfax Online be presented in a way that is easy for visually impaired tenants to use? Happily, the answer to that question is now “yes”. Since the recent integration with ReachDeck for version 4.3.2, Keyfax Online can now offer all of these things, right out of the box.

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Relax – your Keyfax Integration is secure with a RESTful API

Aug 17 2021

Today, we are excited to share the next evolution of the Keyfax API. With the release of Keyfax 4.3.3 we are delighted to introduce the beta release of the new Keyfax REST based Web API.

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Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics Version 4.3 is here!

Jun 8 2021

The latest version of Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics is ready for customer installation. Take a look at the new design and the new 4.3 features.

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What the Heck is happening on the Tenant Self-service Portal?

Jul 1 2020

With customer contact being shifted to online channels, how can social housing landlords understand how their tenants are using their self-service portals? Google Analytics will help.

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How does Keyfax Archiving & Purging help Customer Service Advisors?

Mar 9 2020

Whenever customer service advisors are diagnosing repairs, or tenants are self-diagnosing repairs online, a transaction is logged in the Keyfax database. In what ways can archiving help you and your social housing tenants?

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