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Feb 21 2020

Why should you provide Repairs e-learning to your Staff?

  • Practical and cost-effective course that isn’t too technical
  • Study at their own pace, using short, clear explanations and diagrams
  • Raises confidence. Their confidence in their knowledge; your confidence in your staff

When is a good time for your Customer Service Advisors to train up in advising tenants with their repairs? At your training partners convenience, or at your CSA’s? Traditional face-to-face training can be costly in terms of time and money. But what if you could offer them online repairs learning at their own pace and when it is convenient for them (and the Contact Centre)?

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Jul 25 2019

Orders for July

St Catherine’s College is the largest college within Oxford University and teaches both undergraduate and graduate student, it can trace it's roots back to 1868. They've ordered more Think Safety for Schools. Hundred Houses Society is a not for profit housing association founded in 1933. They have recently ordered additional copies of our Repairs Reporting Guide. Hastoe Housing Association owns and manages over 7,500 homes in over 70 local authority areas and have added more staff to our E-learning course. Orkney Island Council have ordered additional copies of our Repairs Reporting Guide.

Jun 28 2019

Handy Hints orders for June

Bnos Chail school in London and Haig Housing have ordered copies of our Handy Hints guide.

Apr 28 2019

Orders in April from Angus Housing Association and Ateb

We have an order this month from Angus Housing Association, a new client managing nearly 2,000 houses, throughout Angus and Dundee. Ateb have also purchased a reprint of 1000 copies of our Handy Hints guide

Mar 20 2019

Hillcrest and Greenfields enrol more E-learners

Hillcrest Homes and Greenfields Housing Association have both placed repeat orders for our E-learning course.

Feb 8 2019

Cloch order again from Omfax

Cloch Housing Association is a registered social landlord operating in Inverclyde for over fifty years. This month they've enrolled more staff on our E-learning course.

Jan 11 2019

Muir Group add E-learners

Muir Group who own and manage more than 5,500 homes across the country have just enrolled 7 staff on our E-learning course. Hillcrest Housing have also enrolled additional staff.

Oct 21 2018

More E-Learners enrolled and Think Safety orders received

Hastoe and Cloch Housing Association have enrolled E-Learners on our courses while Berwickshire Housing Association and St Catherine's College have ordered more Think Safety Books

Sep 28 2018

New E-learners at Greenfields

Greenfields Community Housing a community-centred housing association based in East Anglia have enrolled 4 more E-Learners on our online course.

Jun 15 2018

Housing Association, Council and College order more Omfax handbooks

Oaklee Housing, who are one of our oldest clients, have once again updated their Residents and Repairs Handbooks.
Aberdeen City Council have just updated their Repairs Handbook for their residents.
St Catherine's College have ordered more of our Think Safety for Schools handbooks.