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First Thoughts from New Clients

2012 has been a busy year at Omfax with several new clients coming on board. Here we take the opportunity to talk to a few of them to see how they are getting on since going live with Keyfax, the UK’s leading intelligent scripting tool for social housing providers.

Chevin Housing, part of Together Housing, based in Wakefield with a stock of 8346 homes. Kim Redman, Customer Contact Manager said, “After researching how to improve our call centre operations, we discovered Solihull’s implementation and were very impressed by the impact it had on their business.” After meeting with the Omfax team, Senior Managers at Chevin Housing decided to implement Keyfax ContactView and Inter•View Enquiries in a project that went live earlier this year in February.

There has been a dramatic but beneficial change in the way Chevin operates – particularly for front line staff. When asked how Keyfax fits in with the future, Kim responded, “It is the future! A CRM and scripting tool is the way forward to gather information about the customer, have a 360 degree view of them and to put that information to good use. Scripting is an enormous help to enable staff who have to know an awful lot of information, to deliver the right response, gather the correct information and give a consistent service.”

Due to the benefits delivered for Chevin, the decision has been taken to have Keyfax rolled out across the entire Together Housing Group. The implementation phase will start imminently with full rollout happening over the coming months. The group was established in April 2011 and is one of the largest in the UK; collectively it employs over 1250 staff and manages over 35,000 homes across the North East of England. Together Housing Group comprises Housing Pendle, Twin Valley Homes, Pennine Housing 2000, Green Vale Homes, Chevin Housing Association and Harewood Housing Society Ltd

Futures Housing Group (FHG) implemented Keyfax for both Futures Homescape Limited and Daventry and District Housing. Originally in search of a solution to provide a consistent and accurate repairs service at first point of contact with good quality information reporting, the system ticked all the boxes. In addition, it was well aligned with FHG’s business aims and they were attracted by the ease of set up and the flexibility built in. Following the implementation starting in September 2011, the project went live in June 2012. The project team and customer services teams embraced the use of the system quite quickly.

Omfax staff worked very closely with FHG’s project team, and representatives from their Housing Management system, during installation. They phased implementation of the system to build and manage scripts effectively. Maureen Thompson, Customer Services Manager of Futures Homescape Limited commented, “We were particularly pleased to be provided with a solution that allowed us to make use of the Housing Enquiry module once we realised this would be hampered by the fact that we haven’t yet installed a CRM.” She is positive that Keyfax will complement and inform front line services, help to identify and address avoidable contact and speed up the training of new staff.

Clúid Housing Association (CHA) maintains 4857 properties throughout Ireland. Having seen Keyfax in use elsewhere, and with previous experience with scripting, Kate Noonan, Contact Centre Manager, believed that the system seemed straightforward. Allowing operators to ask callers the right questions, while having less generic scripts than other providers, and its ability to log reports, Keyfax suited CHA’s needs. The project went live in January 2012, coinciding with CHA’s move to new premises and the opening of their contact centre.

Implementation was a positive process – Kate said, “Omfax got on well with CHA staff, which is very important when trying to learn a new system. In particular, when asked to explain technical aspects in layman’s terms, Omfax was very capable and a great help to the team.” Since going live, there have been no issues. “We find Keyfax very user-friendly and an excellent diagnosis tool.” Kate hopes that teaching new staff will benefit the entire organisation, rather than just the individual user.

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