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KeyNamics – The MS Dynamics Keyfax Integration

Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics and General Enquiries has been integrated with all of the major Housing Management Systems, to date over fourteen, including many flavours of online portals for customer self-service. An increasing number of customers have been looking at Keyfax integrated with MS Dynamics CRM.


Why not let the Dynamics Suppliers integrate?

Most other Keyfax integrations are wholly developed and owned by the Housing Management System (HMS) provider. Sometimes this begins with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which rarely harnesses the real power of Keyfax, and is rarely expanded. After go-live when technical support calls arise to resolve an issue between the systems, often the Omfax support team has little to go on, with minimal documentation.

So Omfax have developed KeyNamics. This is a standard integration for MS Dynamics, which is fully documented, and provides a rich functional interface to Keyfax which is easily extended. This also means that we don’t have to understand and support different integrations from multiple suppliers.

With the new KeyNamics integration, if we meet any issues, they are ours to fix, and will always be our highest priority. And from our deep understanding of Keyfax, this development goes well beyond MVP to give users the power to make their own changes.

With KeyNamics customers can:

  • Alter data into or out of Keyfax on launch and completion
  • Choose which version of Keyfax to launch: Keyfax for staff, or Keyfax Online
  • Instantly adjust how data is mapped back into MS Dynamics CRM.


Dynamics launching Keyfax

KeyNamics supports the following user interfaces:

  • Unified Interface
  • Dynamics 365 for Outlook client (COM add-in)
  • Mobile app

The D365 Mobile App can present Keyfax alternative views, e.g. as an office/staff or online/public presentation. Here’s a selection:

















Imagine a Contact Centre User has identified an individual tenant in Dynamics. The CC user chooses a new repair and then hits “Launch Keyfax Scripts” which pops up the  Keyfax browser window over the top of Dynamics:

















Keyfax is passed the name and address details, but can also be configured to receive any other data held in Dynamics.

When the script completes, data elements are mapped from the Keyfax ‘export’ data back into the individual fields of the Dynamics Form, as shown in the Repair summary:














All basic Dynamics data types are supported along with Lookups, Option Sets, and Option Pairs etc. You can set default values to be used where data elements are missing, and these can be set in the Mappings.



Logging & Mapping

For general troubleshooting and to help with building Mappings a ‘Logging’ mechanism is provided. This shows all data sent and received from Keyfax.

The Mappings define which data elements are sent to Keyfax on start-up. These mapped data elements are available to Keyfax scripts and greatly enhance the script’s power and capabilities, often reducing the number of question and answer steps required.

If you need more data to use in your Keyfax scripts, like the Housing officer for this tenant, or their heating type, then you can simply include that in the start-up data.

For the real tech savvy, within Dynamics, FetchXML can also be used to construct a query to provide any additional data elements, e.g. parental Account/Contact details.

With the configurability that the Dynamics/Keyfax integration provides, the possibilities of harnessing the power of Keyfax scripts by a variety of Dynamics business areas is now something that customers can control and further develop themselves.

Please contact us to enquire about a demonstration or for licensing and support costs.



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