May brings in many new orders

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Central Bedfordshire Council, which was created from the merger of Mid Bedfordshire and South Bedfordshire District Councils in 2009 and own over 5,000 homes, have just purchased our Keyfax Inter•View Repairs Diagnostic software for use in their contact centre.

East Thames, who are part of the L&Q Group and were once a Keyfax client, have chosen to come back on board with our Keyfax Inter•View Repairs Diagnostic software. We are glad to welcome them back.

Cairn Housing Assoication have chose our Repairs Reporting Guide as their tool to help tenants correctly diagnose repairs. They are a non-profit making registered charity and one of Scotland’s largest providers of affordable housing with over 3,000 homes. They have been serving communities across the whole of Scotland for over 25 years.

St Catherine’s College have once again re-ordered copies of our Think Safety handbooks for their staff.

Prestwich & North Western Housing Association was founded over 30 years ago to provide affordable accommodation to the residents of Prestwich and are our newest Omfax client. They have just enrolled some of their staff on our e-learning course. We are looking forward to working with them over the coming months.

Greenfields Community Housing who are a user of our e-learning, have just enrolled more staff on the course, as well as Magna Housing who have just enrolled another five members of their staff on the course.