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Jun 15 2018

Housing Association, Council and College order more Omfax handbooks

Oaklee Housing, who are one of our oldest clients, have once again updated their Residents and Repairs Handbooks.
Aberdeen City Council have just updated their Repairs Handbook for their residents.
St Catherine's College have ordered more of our Think Safety for Schools handbooks.

Apr 22 2018

Hillcrest Housing Association sign up staff to Omfax’s e-learning course

Hillcrest Housing Association, who is one of Scotland's largest Housing Associations, is one of our newest clients. They own over 5,500 homes across Dundee, Edinburgh, Angus, Perthshire and Fife. They have enrolled some of their staff members on our e-learning course.

Mar 17 2018

River Clyde Homes purchase Keyfax Inter•View

River Clyde Homes is a 'not for profit' organisation that owns and manages over 5,800 homes and provides services to a further 2,200 homes in the Inverclyde are. They are committed to providing quality services for their residents and have just purchased our Keyfax Inter•View

Feb 9 2018

Housing Associations continue to use Omfax’s expertise

Northampton Partnership Homes, who already have some of their staff on our e-learning course, have enrolled more learners. Gloucester City Homes, have just updated and reprinted their Repairs Handbook for their residents and we will also be mailing the copies out to their individual

Jun 25 2017

New sign-ups for e-learning

Saxon Weald is our newest client who manage 6,000 homes across Sussex and Hampshire. They are a not-for-profit company and a registered charity. They have enrolled some of their staff members on our e-learning course. We look forward to working with them over the coming months.
DCH who are a user of our e-learning, have once again enrolled more of their staff on the course, as well as Hastoe Housing Association who have just enrolled another three members of their staff on the course.

May 17 2017

May brings in many new orders

Central Bedfordshire Council, which was created from the merger of Mid Bedfordshire and South Bedfordshire District Councils in 2009 and own over 5,000 homes, have just purchased our Keyfax Inter•View Repairs Diagnostic software for use in their contact centre.
East Thames, who are part of the L&Q Group and were once a Keyfax client, have chosen to come back on board with our Keyfax Inter•View Repairs Diagnostic software. We are glad to welcome them back.
Cairn Housing Assoication have chose our Repairs Reporting Guide as their tool to help tenants correctly diagnose repairs. They are a non-profit making registered charity and one of Scotland’s largest providers of affordable housing with over 3,000 homes. They have been serving communities across the whole of Scotland for over 25 years. St Catherine's College have once again re-ordered copies of our Think Safety handbooks for their staff.
Prestwich & North Western Housing Association was founded over 30 years ago to provide affordable accommodation to the residents of Prestwich and are our newest Omfax client. They have just enrolled some of their staff on our e-learning course. We are looking forward to working with them over the coming months.
Greenfields Community Housing who are a user of our e-learning, have just enrolled more staff on the course, as well as Magna Housing who have just enrolled another five members of their staff on the course.

Apr 4 2017

Hastoe Group go for Keyfax Inter•View Repairs Online

Hastoe Group who are already users of our e-learning course, our Repairs Handbook for their tenants, and our Keyfax Inter•View Repairs Diagnostic software, have opted for Keyfax Inter•View Repairs OnLine for their tenants.
Choice Housing Ireland, who are one of our oldest Keyfax clients, have just updated their Tenants and Repairs Handbooks.

Jan 16 2017

New orders and updates in January

Regenda Group is our newest Omfax client who manages over 13,000 homes in the North West. They have just enrolled 65 of their staff members on our e-learning course. We are looking forward to working with them over the coming months.
A1 Housing have just updated their Repairs Handbook for their tenants, and entrusted us with the mailing of the books. They are hitting the doorsteps right now.
Bolsover District Council who are a long-term user of Keyfax, have just updated their Repairs Handbook.

Jul 10 2016

Do We Use Online Self-Service?

The social housing sector has traditionally been somewhat ambivalent about using the internet to communicate with residents. One of the fundamental reasons has been an assumption that residents in this sector don’t use the web. However, that view can increasingly be consigned to history.

Feb 8 2015

Achieving More With The Same

Social housing contact centres are in danger of becoming a victim of their own success. In just a few years, they have evolved from an innovative extra to an integral part of the housing provider’s operations, providing a respected and responsive service to residents through a single point of contact. Resident expectations have risen accordingly and the contact centre is now their first port of call for all kinds of queries.