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The Housing team at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have been a valued Omfax customer for thirteen years, starting their journey with us in 2006.

RBKCs approach to diagnosing repairs with Keyfax is regularly reviewed and developed. Using feedback from their customer services team, housing management team and repairs contractors, RBKC aim to continually improve the service they deliver to their customers and 2019 was no exception.

RBKC contacted Omfax in October with a challenge, to visit their offices and work with their repairs experts to review and update all the diagnostic processes in Keyfax. The brief was:

  • More detail for the repair operatives
  • Better on-call triage and support for the customer services team
  • Deadline is in six weeks

Challenge accepted!

At the end of October Omfax and RBKC came together. With nine days over four weeks and a small team of experts in their chosen fields. Our combined skill sets gave us an intimate knowledge of the RBKC repairs procedures, years of experience with service delivery best practices and an encyclopedic knowledge of Keyfax’s capability.

Our newly formed team spent five days mapping over 200 types of repair, resulting in a diagnostic flow for each.

First call resolution

First call resolution was our primary goal, asking ‘Can this be resolved at the first point of contact?’. If the customer can resolve this issue with our support, it’s better for them. There’s no waiting and minimal disruption to their life. It’s also better for RBKC – precious repairs resource can be used where it’s really needed.

We set about putting together the questions that service advisors would need to ask to accurately assess each problem, and what’s needed to fix them. If it could be resolved on call, we created supporting messages for the service advisors. They contained the information needed to guide the customer to a swift and satisfactory resolution.

If the problem needed intervention, our focus switched to the needs of the repair operators.

Which SOR and priority was appropriate in each scenario?
What components would likely be needed for the repair?
Was there a need to visit and inspect before repairing?
How did it happen?

Throughout this process the customer remained at the forefront of our discussions.

Were there any health and safety concerns?
Were there any vulnerabilities to be considered?
What impact will this problem have on our customer?
And what can we do to minimise that?

Keyfax was used to consider all these points, and more, resulting in the most appropriate and efficient outcome for both the customer and the RBKC team.

Repairs Scripting

Once the diagnostic flows were agreed, the repairs scripting began! A member of the Omfax team spent four days building every process that had been mapped, creating the questions and messages, applying the SOR codes and priorities and ensuring the outcome contained that vital information the repairs team needed.

The result is a new and effective approach to repairs diagnostics in the service centre, with a positive impact across the wider organisation.

The repairs team receive a detailed description of the problem with the correct SOR code and priority, safe in the knowledge that if their involvement is needed, it won’t be a wasted trip.

The customer services team have an intelligent and reliable repairs diagnostic tool in Keyfax, that allows them to deliver a great service with confidence that the information they supply is accurate, complete and consistently delivered by every member of the team.

“We are very glad with Keyfax, a great product, project and account manager like Andrew who was very patient, helpful and made us understand the capability of Keyfax! Support is great and we can’t wait to explore the full potential of this application with Andrew’s help”

Karthik Cali, Business Development Manager, RBKC

Do you want to improve the service you’re delivering to your customers; become more efficient when diagnosing repairs and tenancy related enquiries; do you already use Keyfax but don’t have the resource in-house to update existing content?

Whether or not you’re an existing Omfax customer, we can help. If you need help with Process Mapping or Repairs Diagnostics scripting, just get in touch with one of our team here.