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Omfax Consultancy & Training Services for Social Housing

Omfax offer a range of consultancy and training services to support customers using Keyfax. Beyond the standard packages here, we can provide custom training or consultancy in a variety of fields, even if you are not yet using Keyfax.

  1. Process Mapping Workshop for Diagnostics – This workshop brings together all the relevant parties to plan and agree the processes for your social housing repairs or enquiries. We build Visio process maps and highlight where Keyfax can enhance the diagnosis by bringing extra information to bear.
  2. Diagnostics Script Development – Working with Visio process maps (from the above workshop) to turn them into actionable Keyfax diagnostics scripts.
  3. Diagnostic Scripts Admin Training – Training Keyfax Administrators how to use  Keyfax Admin Tools to get the most out of their scripting.
  4. Online Repairs Training – Ideal for anyone new to the world of social housing repairs. Take the course online at your leisure, take the test and achieve your certificate.
  5. Integrations and Technical Support – Our dedicated support  team are ready to work with integrators, Admin Users, and IT staff, to help you get the most out of the software.

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