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Effective Repairs Reporting

Effective Repairs Reporting is an online repairs course that trains advisors in how to deal with resident repair requests.

The course is designed specifically for customer service advisors working in social housing organisations. Effective Repairs Reporting focuses on increasing staff knowledge on how different aspects of the home work.

Four modules cover the major topics, each one containing basics facts and images detailing different parts and fittings. Each module has a formal test which is taken in ‘exam’ conditions. Afterwards the results are collated and Omfax issues a certificate to each learner.

The course is exceptionally user-friendly, featuring clear diagrams and jargon-free descriptions of key elements. Make an Enquiry below to request a free trial of the course.

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Online Repairs Training - Effective Repairs Reporting Course for social Housing contact centre advisors


Pamela from Cloch Housing receiving her Effective Repairs Reporting training certificate.


Online Repairs Training Course

Omfax online repairs training helps customer service advisors working in housing to develop their skills and knowledge. It makes advisors more efficient and productive in diagnosing repairs, which leads to increased resident satisfaction with the service.

The benefits of having well-trained customer service advisors in housing repairs are well understood. With Effective Repairs Reporting training:

  • Advisors are more confident and can serve tenants better, resolving repairs enquiries faster, and increasing first call resolution rates.
  • Residents are more satisfied with the service, improving NPS and reducing call-backs, which helps drive down overall operating costs.
  • Housing Associations now have the opportunity to offer standard repairs training for all customer service centre advisors.

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Online Repairs Course Benefits

Learn about the components of a building and how they work
Familiarise names and terminology for fixtures & fittings repairs
Identify typical types of resident or tenant damage
Learn to advise on any health & safety implications

What our clients say about Effective Repairs Reporting Online Training

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All of my team have been through the Omfax online training and they all found it really useful. It's given them the confidence to ask our tenants more in depth questions about their repairs. In addition it has equipped them with the knowledge to make more informed decisions.

Helen Luty Head of Customer Services, Selwood Housing

Doing this online training course is better, because you can do things at your own speed, instead of trying to keep up with other people.

Effective Repairs Reporting Online Learner

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