Why should you provide Repairs e-learning to your Staff?

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  • Practical and cost-effective course that isn’t too technical
  • Study at their own pace, using short, clear explanations and diagrams
  • Raises confidence. Their confidence in their knowledge; your confidence in your staff

When is a good time for your Customer Service Advisors to train up in advising tenants with their repairs? At your training partners convenience, or at your CSA’s? Traditional face-to-face training can be costly in terms of time and money. But what if you could offer them online repairs learning at their own pace and when it is convenient for them (and the Contact Centre)?

Find yourself a repairs reporting e-learning course designed for staff dealing with day-to-day repair enquiries from your tenants. Good online courses will provide fundamental knowledge about parts of the building and how the different systems work.

Do your staff have the essential facts to deal with daily repairs calls? If not, do you have the resources to allow them to do off-site training, thereby leaving you short-staffed for the duration of their training?

Find a course that fits around you and your staff. If they can access the course at their desk, there is no need for them to travel. They can also fit the study time in around their work schedule, freeing them up when you have busy call periods.

Find a course that encompasses all repairs relating to a home:

  • structure
  • fixtures and fittings
  • electrics and heating
  • water and drains

The repairs e-learning course should allow them to self-test and go back to any information they wish to relearn before taking a test for each module. With multiple staff on the course, you will have a benchmark of their knowledge and identify any problems areas that need to be addressed. A natural by-product of completing an online repairs learning course should be more confident staff. And more confident staff will result in tenants who have confidence in your team when they call to report a repair.

Can we help?

With over 675 learners since its launch, Omfax e-learners say

“It’s easy to use and understand, and so makes e-learning easy.” and “Doing it by e-learning is better because you can do things at your own speed, instead of trying to keep up with other people”.

If you would like to help new and current staff diagnose repairs right the first time and provide them with flexible and convenient training, get in touch with us.

“We’ve used Omfax Effective Repairs Reporting training for over 5 years, as a valuable part of our induction for all new staff in our Customer Service Centre. Providing them with the knowledge and confidence to carry out their work competently.”

Kieran Barrett – Customer Service Centre Manager, Greenfields Community Housing