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Keyfax launched through Dynamics 365 and KeyNamics with Keyfax alonside chat dialogue

Multiple repairs diagnostics sessions with D365 Omnichannel

May 3 2022

Housing organisations that use D365 to manage their Housing stock need to integrate their repairs and enquiries diagnostics. Often contact centre advisors must handle calls and chat sessions simultaneously. KeyNamics can now support this multichannel environment through Omnichannel.

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Repairs Diagnostics training delight

Repairs Diagnostics Training – Double Delights

Mar 8 2022

With the right repairs diagnostics training, Admins can develop amazing scripts, which use the full power of Keyfax to include existing housing data in the diagnostics. That extra information helps make intelligent decisions to provide the right advice. Which dramatically improves customer service.

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Schedule of Rates codes for Diagnostic Repairs software

Mar 1 2022

Most housing repairs diagnostics tools use Schedule of Rates (SOR) codes. It’s a standard way to explain exactly what repair work is required. But what’s the best way to use SOR codes and how should they be set up in a diagnostic tool set? Paul Ancill has some best practice tips.

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Using icons, images, photos and video improves online tenant repairs portals

Improving Tenant Repairs Portals with Images & Video

Jan 25 2022

We’ve all seen them. Tenant repairs portals that ask the user to type in a lot of boxes on a form. Surely, there’s a better way to help the customer explain what needs repairing? Jim Perren considers how using images, photos and videos, will enhance your portal, and the service to your customers.

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Top ten housing management systems UK

The Top Ten Housing Management Systems in the UK

Nov 19 2021

Everyone has their own opinion, but here's our top ten list of Housing Management Systems for the social housing sector. This list is compiled from our customers experiences and the HMS integration options with Keyfax.

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Improving Customer Experience using System Scripts

Nov 3 2021

One of the many benefits of using Keyfax is the ability to enhance the customer experience through its’ powerful built-in features. Today, we take a look at how Keyfax System Scripts can improve the customer and user experience.

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Turbo-charging diagnostic scripts with Intelligent Scripting

Sep 28 2021

The Admin scripters have finished their diagnostic scripting workshops and have tailored the system to your needs. And now, Keyfax is providing quick and accurate solutions when your tenants call. But, if you really want to shift Keyfax up a gear, then you need to do one more thing: Connect the diagnostic scripts to the data you hold on your tenants, properties and assets.

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Orbit provide enhanced Customer Self-service through Keyfax Online

Sep 21 2021

As an existing Omfax customer, Orbit has been using its Keyfax software for staff within its Contact Centre to log repairs and process customer enquiries. In August 2020, Orbit contacted Omfax to discuss their vision of improving their online services.

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Update your Tenant Repairs Portal with Keyfax Repairs Online v4.3

Sep 14 2021

If you are considering offering your customers an on-brand, pictorial tenant repairs portal, then Keyfax Repairs Online fits the bill.

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