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May 19 2020

Are you on the SOR Merry-go-round?

Schedule of rates (SOR) codes, in one form or another, are a common part of the housing repairs sector. SOR codes ensure a job is scheduled to the right person, booked for the right amount of time and includes the correct materials. All of this adds up to a well costed and well-resourced repair. Well, that’s the idea.

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Mar 23 2020

RBKC – Repairs diagnostic design and development

The Housing team at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have been a valued Omfax customer for thirteen years, starting their journey with us in 2006.

RBKCs approach to diagnosing repairs with Keyfax is regularly reviewed and developed. Using feedback from their customer services team, housing management team and repairs contractors, RBKC aim to continually improve the service they deliver to their customers and 2019 was no exception.

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Mar 20 2020

When Keyfax Repairs Scripts Don’t Work

The Keyfax Administrator is responsible for scripting each process. Repairs scripts are a work in progress and should be reviewed on a regular basis. Each script has been discussed with the relevant module expert with involvement (hopefully) from the Contact Centre.

Once the logic of the script is agreed, the Keyfax Administrator can start scripting. Once complete, the Administrator hits the ‘Test’ button in the Keyfax Admin Console and steps through the repairs script, which at the time seems to make perfect sense. The repairs script results in an SOR code and associated task(s), if applicable. What could possibly go wrong?

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Mar 17 2020

A Good Purge is a healthy thing – so is a Keyfax Health-check

The therapeutic use of leeches has a long history. The medicinal leech has three jaws and a hundred teeth. It saws through skin and injects chemicals that dilate the blood vessels to get a better flow of the good stuff: Anticoagulants to stop the blood from clotting and it releases anti-inflammatory (and other compounds) in their saliva that are still not fully understood. Then it starts to suck…

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Mar 16 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

A Message to our Keyfax Customers

We know your organisation depends on Omfax Systems and Touch-Base technical support service. So with regard to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), here are the measures we are taking to ensure service continuity.

We are focusing on prevention and are limiting our customers, suppliers and employees direct interaction and making it advisable for people to work from home.

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Mar 10 2020

Three Best Practice Tips for Editing Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics Scripts

Sometimes the simplest way to carry out ‘best practice’ is to avoid the common pitfalls. In this blog we will look at three common mistakes made while administering Keyfax. Two involving SQL best practice and another that relates to general script writing. Hopefully by highlighting these it will improve your experience while using and editing Keyfax.

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Mar 9 2020

How does Keyfax Archiving & Purging help Customer Service Advisors?

Archiving and purging – no, it’s nothing to do with moving filing cabinets around in a big van, nor is it the start to a horrible diet plan.

Spare a few minutes to read this and you’ll see how it can add marginal gains to Keyfax performance, saving you time, and preventing ongoing IT head-aches.

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Feb 21 2020

Why should you provide Repairs e-learning to your Staff?

  • Practical and cost-effective course that isn’t too technical
  • Study at their own pace, using short, clear explanations and diagrams
  • Raises confidence. Their confidence in their knowledge; your confidence in your staff

When is a good time for your Customer Service Advisors to train up in advising tenants with their repairs? At your training partners convenience, or at your CSA’s? Traditional face-to-face training can be costly in terms of time and money. But what if you could offer them online repairs learning at their own pace and when it is convenient for them (and the Contact Centre)?

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Dec 16 2019

The MS Dynamics Keyfax Integration

Omfax Systems and Touch-Base have been working together to provide social housing customers with Repairs and Enquiries Diagnostics software for over twenty years. The two companies became one in summer 2019, and the first thing we did was to address slight change in the market that we’ve been noticing over the past two years.

Keyfax as a Repairs Diagnostic and General Enquiries pop-up has been integrated with all of the major Housing Management Systems, to date over fourteen, including many flavours of online portals for customer self-service. But an increasing number of our customers have been looking at Keyfax integrated with MS Dynamics CRM.

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Jul 25 2019

Orders for July

St Catherine’s College is the largest college within Oxford University and teaches both undergraduate and graduate student, it can trace it's roots back to 1868. They've ordered more Think Safety for Schools. Hundred Houses Society is a not for profit housing association founded in 1933. They have recently ordered additional copies of our Repairs Reporting Guide. Hastoe Housing Association owns and manages over 7,500 homes in over 70 local authority areas and have added more staff to our E-learning course. Orkney Island Council have ordered additional copies of our Repairs Reporting Guide.