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New orders in February

Feb 20 2013

North Ayrshire Council has ordered an update and reprint of their Sheltered Housing Tenants Handbook.
Orkney Islands Council has re-ordered copies our Repairs Reporting Guide.
Mears Group has placed an order for a reprint of their Canterbury City Council Repairs Handbook.
Regenda has ordered copies of our Repairs Reporting Guide.
Aberdeen City Council has updated their Repairs Handbook with us.
A1 Housing has re-ordered copies of our Think Safety for Housing.

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Freebridge and Pembrokeshire Housing make orders for E-learning and Handbooks

Jan 10 2013

Freebridge Community HousingHousing has enrolled staff members on our Effective Repairs e-learning course.
Pembrokeshire Housing has ordered a reprint of their Handy Hints booklet.

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Selwood Housing purchase Keyfax InterView Repairs Diagnostic

Dec 1 2012

Selwood Housing is the latest client to have ordered Keyfax InterView for Repairs Diagnostics and for Enquiries, to be integrated with Aareon’s QL product. Selwood Housing has over 5,700 properties.

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First Thoughts from New Clients

Oct 1 2012

2012 has been a busy year at Omfax with several new clients coming on board. Here we take the opportunity to talk to a few of them to see how they are getting on since going live with Keyfax, the UK’s leading intelligent scripting tool for social housing providers.

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More people turn to the web

May 25 2012

The dilemma faced up and down the UK is ever-reducing budgets and rising customer demands. It is imperative to find ways to reduce costs without harming customer satisfaction. One such way is for housing organisations to make themselves easily available to their customers in our multi-channel world.

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How will housing associations connect with customers in 2022

May 25 2012

The way we communicate and interact socially is changing. The rise of technology, especially in the last decade, namely the internet, mobile phones, and associated improved connection speeds and reduced costs, has led to this dramatic change in the communication landscape. In addition, in the face of the difficult economic climate, social housing organisations are facing increasing financial pressure. Not only do they need to work harder, but also smarter. Contact centres are not excluded and so how might housing associations best communicate with customers in future?

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Are Social Housing Contact Centres Setting The Standard?

Jan 25 2012

In the aftermath of a positive and lavish customer service awards season, it is has come to light that contact centres for social housing organisations are making quite the impact.

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Consistency of service across all channels

Jan 1 2012

Residents have the option of approaching their housing organisations in three different ways: in person, via phone, or more recently, via the internet. By making a journey to the local housing organisation, a resident will get a face-to-face response to their issue. A customer service representative, prompted by their knowledge of the situation and information on their computer screen, will be able to tend to the resident’s needs. This is the best option for some. However, high numbers of people looking for appointments can mean a long waiting time. A resident can also call a contact centre directly, likely reducing waiting time as there are many agents available to help, all of whom are also prompted by a screen with live interaction relevant to, and throughout, the call. Lastly, and more recently, residents can be encouraged to use the internet to answer their questions, where online tutorials and interactive systems can often answer a resident’s question without them having to wait, as with the other two options.

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