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Intelligent Scripting – A Definition

At its’ heart, Intelligent Scripting is all about providing better Customer Service. That’s something that Keyfax has been doing for over a decade.

We’ve all been frustrated by organisations, asking for the same information each time we contact them. How much more embarrassing is that for
them, if we have been a customer of theirs for ten or twenty years?

    “What kind of heating do you have – is it gas, or electric?”

   “And do you have any disabilities, or are you feeling vulnerable?”

Intelligent Scripting allows your customer service staff to add some ‘smarts’ into their diagnostic scripts. So, your advisors can have better conversations:

    “I can see that you have gas central heating, and it’s a Worcester Greenstar Combi Boiler. We’ll get the repair carried out by tomorrow.”

Or better still, without asking any embarrassing questions, the advisor can add notes for the repair providers:

    “Tenant has mobility & hearing issues: Knock loudly, & wait patiently ”.

Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics and Enquiries Diagnostics scripts provide Intelligent Scripting


Intelligent Scripting with the Keyfax Diagnostic Repairs Scripts

Intelligent Scripting needs Information

To bring intelligence to your diagnostic scripting, Keyfax looks up the information from other databases, within your organisation. Alternatively, when your Housing Management System launches Keyfax, it sends all the extra information to Keyfax at start-up.

Keyfax can look up any kind of information through what we term ‘databoxes’. E.g. we can use a databox to look-up when the customers windows are scheduled for replacement. Then present this message for the advisor, if the tenant requests a repair within a few months of  that date.

    “The system is saying there’s no need to raise this repair. Because, your windows are due to be replaced next month.”

Additionally, there is no limit to how many different responses that you can build into the scripting logic. In fact, the more cases the script can handle, the more intelligent the scripts are. In other words, they can be as sophisticated as you need. You can even change the logical flow of a script, based on the contents of a databox.

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How else can Intelligent Scripting Help?

One Keyfax customer uses intelligent scripting to look-up missing customer’s mobile phone numbers. At the end of every incoming call, advisors ask if the tenant is happy to share their mobile number. Then, the Housing Association can provide improved services through SMS messages on everything from repairs visits, to rent balances. But, it starts with intelligent scripting looking to see if the customer has already provided their number.

Selecting a different set of scripts

Because the customer’s details are passed into Keyfax, through a start-up databox, Keyfax can check the caller’s tenancy status. If they’re a leaseholder, with different repair responsibilities, then Keyfax selects an alternative set of scripts to assist them.

Similarly, several Keyfax customers have Out of Hours teams, who provide a reduced repairs service. Because the service is different, so are the Keyfax repairs scripts. Keyfax intelligent scripting will check the time when it’s launched. After 5:30 it presents the user with the Out of Hours scripts.

The Keyfax Suite – Always Adding Intelligence

Intelligent Scripting is widely used in Repairs Diagnostics and Enquiries Diagnostics. But it can also be used in the online tenant self-service products, Repairs Online and Enquiries Online for customer self-diagnosis too. So, intelligent scripting really does help to provide your tenants with improved customer service. Please call us or request a demonstration – we’re happy to help.

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Intelligent Scripting Helps Housing Associations to provide better customer service

The Benefits of Using Intelligent Scripting

Provide more information for scripts and advisors to work with
Automatically select lease-holder or out-of-hours script sets
Increases the first call resolution rate and reduces call duration
Look up useful information from other systems on your network
Improve customer service delivery and customer satisfaction levels
Powerful intelligent scripts can be written by customer services
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