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Housing software has been Omfax Systems bread and butter since 1989. Initially this was a natural extension of the repairs and safety manuals, provided for Customer Service staff. Nowadays, everything that we develop, and all the training, is to support our customers using the Keyfax housing software suite.

  1. Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics – Providing customer service staff with the right questions, to diagnose inbound housing repair enquiries. Enhancing the dialogue through intelligent scripting, and getting the right schedule of rates (SOR) code matched for the right job.
  2. Keyfax Enquiries Diagnostics – Does the same job as Repairs Diagnostics, but can assist with any kind of inbound enquiry. Use the Administrator Tools to adapt and extend the diagnostic scripts to match your exact policies. Keyfax Enquiries Diagnostics helps your staff to get it right, first time, using intelligent scripting.
  3. Keyfax Repairs Online – Widely used by our customers in their online tenant portals to provide a pictorial interface for self-service repairs. Enable your customers to connect through any device to request a repair, and guide them through the process.
  4. Keyfax Enquiries Online – Enquiries Online provides the same functionality as Keyfax Repairs Online, but for any general enquiry. Also, it is easily extendable to help your customers to diagnose any issue, and interact with your organisation 24/7 without needing human interaction.

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A RESTful API for 3rd party integration – highly secure RESTful API for Housing Management Systems or CRM systems to integrate with Keyfax. Launch any of the four modules above from within your own HMS or CRM.

KeyNamics for Dynamics 365 Integration – When Dynamics 365 is your CRM of choice, use KeyNamics to map any data from CRM into Keyfax. In the same way, you can map any data back out to populate your CRM forms, once the diagnostic is completed.

Careful Stewards

Additionally, Omfax is a Cyber Essentials Certified provider of software to Housing Associations and local Government. We take security seriously, so that we can reassure our customers that our software, and their data, is safe with us.

We offer fully hosted Azure versions of Keyfax, or on premise installation, depending on preferences and requirements.

There are a whole range of reasons why housing associations buy from us. We like to think its because of the quality of the software, and that we’ve been working in housing for decades. But whatever the reasons are, we plan to be around for decades more.



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