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Keyfax Enquiries Diagnostics

Enquiries Diagnostics (ENQ) was designed to help service centre staff to manage all housing resident enquiries apart from repairs.

Keyfax General Enquiries helps customer service staff by providing them with everything they need to help a tenant.  The advisor is presented with all the information about the tenant and a logical series of questions to diagnose any issue. Advisors can then help the tenant, stepping through questions, gathering information, and feeding back with messages and assigning tasks. Enquiries helps both tenant and advisor to understand what is needed quickly and accurately. It also makes it easy to assign further help, if the enquiry needs escalation.

Enquiries Diagnostics is easily extended by your in-house diagnostic admins, to cover any enquiry that the service centre might have to deal with. This helps all advisors to provide tenants with the same high level of service every time. It reduces costs and training time, improves advisor performance, and increases resident satisfaction.


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Easy to Use and Extend

Keyfax Enquiries Diagnostics helps customer services teams to handle inbound housing enquiries. It works along side Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics and is easily integrated with MS Dynamics CRM and most Housing Management Systems (HMS). Customers can easily change the Enquiries diagnostic scripts to fit their housing association’s policies. Keyfax Enquiries comes with a model script set that can be used as-is, but is simple to update or change. Existing Customers use Keyfax Enquiries Diagnostics for handling:

  • Antisocial behaviour
  • An abandoned property
  • An abandoned vehicle
  • Illegal parking
  • Fly tipping
  • Criminal behaviour
  • COVID 19 Services
  • Renting a garage
  • Rent balance enquiries
  • Requesting an aid or adaptation
  • Request for money advice
  • Rearranging an appointment
  • Raising a complaint
  • Registering a compliment

Keyfax Enquiries has an easy-to-use interface and simple search function, enabling Customer Service Advisors to help tenants with a wide range of housing enquiries.

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Keyfax Enquiries Diagnostics Benefits

Improves customer service by enabling better advisor performance
Accurately and quickly provides diagnosis of resident enquiries
Increases first call resolution rate and reduces lengthy calls
Identical interface to Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics - intuitive & customisable
Customer advisors can handle a greater variety of calls, without specialist training
Enquiries can be handled correctly first time, for better resident satisfaction
Which saves advisors and tenants time and reduces the organisations costs

What our clients say about Keyfax Enquiries

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Oaklee has enjoyed a very productive working relationship with Omfax over the last 6 years. The team is very knowledgeable, they understand social housing inside out, and that is evident in the high quality products they produce.

Emmeline Johnston Service Centre Team Leader

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