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Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics

Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics (RD) helps busy contact centre staff to manage a wide range of resident enquiries more efficiently.

This dramatically increases first call resolution because advisors are provided with the information and confidence they need. They can talk to residents about any issue and diagnose what is required accurately and rapidly, whether repairs, maintenance tasks, tenancy enquiries, or any other housing issue.

Using Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics means that any repair or maintenance requirement can be identified accurately and fixed correctly first time. This saves time and reduces costs, improving performance and increasing resident satisfaction.

Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics statistics for 2019. 4.1 million housing repairs and enquiries logged

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About Omfax

Easy to Implement and Use

Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics draws on nearly three decades of experience and understanding of social housing customer services. It delivers outstanding functionality and is easily integrated with MS Dynamics CRM and most Housing Management Systems (HMS). Customers can readily customise the content to reflect their particular housing stock, and any updates or changes required are quick and easy to implement.

With its intuitive interface, diagrams to aid advisors and straightforward search functions, Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics is easy to use and starts delivering returns on investment from day one. Out-of-the-box integration is provided for all the leading HMS and CRM solutions.

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Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics Benefits

Optimises service delivery through better advisor performance
Accurately and rapidly diagnoses resident repair requirements
Increases the first call resolution rate and reduces call duration
Superior functionality, intuitive, flexible, easily customisable
Advisors can manage a wider variety of calls, without specialist training
Ensures repairs can be fixed correctly first time, increasing resident satisfaction
All of which save time and reduce costs

What our clients say about Keyfax

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Oaklee has enjoyed a very productive working relationship with Omfax over the last 6 years. The team is very knowledgeable, they understand social housing inside out, and that is evident in the high quality products they produce.

Emmeline Johnston Service Centre Team Leader

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