How Intelligent Scripting Can Help Solve A Major Issue Associated With Merging Organisations

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Each and every housing organisation is faced with similar, if slightly different issues, but each one runs their services somewhat differently. With so many housing organisations now merging and amalgamating to take advantage of economies of scale, a major issue they face is the loss of individual identity and even of local knowledge of the issues of the area. This can, and typically does, cause real apprehension for all involved – residents, staff, managers and board members.

Let us take a common scenario: three different housing organisations are to be merged together to form one new, large group. This new group plans to have one Contact Centre to provide all the first contact services for the whole group, with the goal of providing a lean, efficient service for all of the residents they serve. Although this may be very efficient and cost effective, residents will likely worry about the service becoming more remote; how can this large organisation, serving thousands of people over a wide area, possibly understand the issues that they face in their neighbourhood or in their home?

Keyfax Inter∙View by Omfax is an intelligent scripting system that provides Contact Centre Advisors with detailed guidance to help them deliver a truly responsive and personal service and resolve issues at the first point of contact. What is unique and truly exciting about Keyfax Inter∙View is the ability to run multiple scripts side by side. This would enable all three organisations in the above example to provide a personal, targeted service to each resident that reflects their immediate landlord’s service and takes full account of their personal circumstances. This would also help the new group achieve their economies of scale and increased efficiencies, without sacrificing the personal service that residents expect from their local housing organisation.

A further exciting and profitable feature of Keyfax Inter∙View is that it allows housing organisations to provide services, and particularly “Out of Hours” services, for other organisations in much the same way as you would use it for the three different housing organisations above. Many customers of Omfax have found such value in utilising Keyfax Inter∙View that they have decided to use their Contact Centre resources to help other organisations, so increasing their revenue.

Keyfax Inter∙View is a powerful tool – increasing advisor satisfaction by equipping and empowering them to deal with every enquiry; increasing customer satisfaction with a consistent service that strives for first point of call resolution; driving down costs with more enquires handled with the same number of staff; and expanding the range of services that can be provided by the Contact Centre. Now imagine what it could do for your organisation.