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We live in a time that is obsessed and driven by feedback.

Millions of micro interactions are taking place around the globe every second. Whether you ‘like’ a Facebook post; comment on a YouTube video or write a Google review, your interactions are shaping the world around us.

With the birth of the internet and mobile technology, providing feedback is now easier than ever.

As consumers, we have access to an abundance of information and data when purchasing or using products and services.

Why do we need feedback?

All feedback can be broken down into this – Did it meet your expectations or not, and why was that?

As a business, setting clear expectations and understanding what matters to the customer is crucial to improving customer service.

Listening to the customer and delivering on your promise will go a long way to building trust and loyalty.

As the saying goes, “complaints are good (in moderation)” as they highlight service improvement opportunities to put it right.

I can’t get no satisfaction!

The social housing sector has a reputation of being old fashioned, slow to react and adverse to change. In recent years we’ve seen a conscious move towards customer and employee engagement through the use of:

• Satisfaction surveys
• Employee engagement, such as Best Companies
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
• Customer involvement
• Dedicated complaint handling teams
Trustpilot and forums
• Real time feedback, and more.

Overall, the housing sector has taken large strides towards shaping our services based on feedback, which can only be a good thing.

The undercover boss

Anyone who has watched the Undercover Boss will relate to why this worked so well. It put the CEO at the forefront of what customers and colleagues really thought of their business. Warts and all!!

The customer contact centre is often the epicentre of raw, direct and unfiltered customer feedback.

Our customer contact centre colleagues are the window into your company’s soul. They are the Undercover Boss in your business and best-placed to tell you what is good and bad about your service.

“Ad Meliora”

This Latin phrase translates into “Toward better things”. To meet customer expectations we have to empower, engage and encourage our colleagues to tell us how to make things better. This can be done through weekly huddles; team meetings; 1-2-1’s; virtual white boards; suggestion forums and many more. The point is, there must be a safe space where colleagues feel their feedback will be listened to and acted on.

Keyfax feedback button

At Omfax, we understand the importance and value of feedback. Collectively, the Keyfax customer-base processes in excess of 4.1 million transactions a year through repairs diagnostics alone. That’s a lot of customer interactions, and the perfect opportunity to capture feedback about your service.
Within Keyfax you can use the script feedback button to:

• Highlight out-of-date processes
• Flag inconsistencies
• Report script errors
• Improve information and accuracy
• Suggest improvements
• Recommend new scripts.

By using, and encouraging colleagues to use, this great feature, you can help your company meet and exceed your customer’s expectations.

If you would like to know more about this feature, please contact our Customer Service Consultant.

By the way, if you’re wondering about the new look and feel to Keyfax, take a look at the announcement from last week’s blog.


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