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Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics for Housing Association Staff version 4.3

Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics & General Enquiries for Staff

Some companies have had a tough time during the Covid-19 crisis. Some, sadly, have closed their doors for good. Omfax and Touch-Base have managed to use this difficult time to recruit into our development team, and have pressed ahead with some extensive changes to Keyfax. We have wanted to make some of these changes for a while. Now, with the extra development resource, we are happy to announce that the latest version 4.3 is ready for installation at customers’ sites.

Since there is so much to tell, there are separate blog updates for Keyfax Administrative Tools for Diagnostic Scripters and for Keyfax Repairs & Enquiries Online in the pipeline! Follow us on LinkedIn to get reminders when they are out.

Look & Feel Overhaul

The most obvious change is the look and feel of Keyfax Repairs Diagnostics and Enquiries Diagnostics. This is what we heard most often from customer feedback. Customer Service Advisors will still be familiar with the feel of Keyfax, but the interface has been brought right up to date offering a clean, modern, simple interface. This moves the product on nicely from the older bevelled tabs and tree structure, and is now presented in a modern ‘flat’ design.

Keyfax 4.1 Repairs Diagnostics:

Keyfax 4.3 Repairs Diagnostics:

The tree structure has been replaced with the cleaner and more modern chevrons.

Our Back, Cancel and Feedback icons have been standardised and updated with familiar and widely used icons.

We use the Keyfax Client – does that still look the same?

The Keyfax client will now use the installed version of IE (Internet Explorer) whichever version is available from your desktop. Even if your Housing Management System doesn’t have a more modern web-services integration to Keyfax, and you’re using the Keyfax client, the presentation will still be enhanced. This is the Keyfax client (version is now available) launching our test system.

The new look and feel of Keyfax version 4.3 showing screen shot of Keyfax Communal Repair category

The latest version of Keyfax also includes a fix for saving the size and position of the Keyfax Client Window, so that it’s left the same as when you last used it.

Mobile-friendly Responsive Design

Keyfax Repairs and Enquiries Diagnostics have traditionally been something that Advisors run on their desktops. So previously, there hasn’t been a need for Keyfax for Staff to run on mobiles or tablets. But now that more advisors are working remotely, more people need to launch Keyfax from a tablet or mobile device.

Keyfax for Staff Users launching from MS Dynamics 365 also need Keyfax to be responsive.  So version 4.3 will resize to fit the window it is displayed in. Currently, there is a minimum width for the Topic level diagrams, which may be addressed in a future release:

Keyfax 4.2 at Tablet resolution on an iPad:

Please note that the red highlighted section is not part of the Keyfax product. It is simply a banner that we display when Keyfax is in test mode, so we can see what configuration and script type Keyfax is running. It will not be visible if you are running with Keyfax integrated with a Housing Management System.

Keyfax 4.2 at Mobile resolution on an iPhone 8:

Something for the Tech Team

Besides the improved interface, there are also changes to Keyfax on the more technical side:

  • All pages are now HTML 5 by default
  • Uses smaller pages (minified mark-up & client side assets)
  • Features faster pages (fewer images, fewer requests, fewer blocking calls)
  • Has a smaller footprint (fewer files).

Keyfax Repairs and Enquiries Diagnostics now also takes advantage of Bootstrap 4. The above, and the move to Bootstrap 4, are all good news for the speed and future-proofing of Keyfax.

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Which means a video must be a million. This blog is too short to show all of the updates like these. So please take a look at the new look and feel for Social Housing Repair Diagnostics & Enquiries video to see the changes.



Coming Soon to a Portal near you

And, of course, a new look and feel for Keyfax for Staff means that we should have some visual changes to Keyfax Online for tenant self-service. That is also part of the 4.3 release.

We’re excited about this new release and looking forward to getting it distributed to all of our customers. If you are interested in an upgrade to your Keyfax system, have a chat with your Customer Service Consultant, or just give us a call.


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